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10-14-17 JackJillClub
10-13-17 SaylorPhyTher
01-03-17 Alvia & Family Escape Dognapped Room
01-03-18 AlviaFamily Escapes
01-03-17 Daniel & Family - Dognapped
01-02-17 Steinberg Family Escapes Cold in Escape Room
12-30-17 Rhonda and Courtney booked Dognapped
12-29-17 Stephanie and friends do Dognapped
12-28-17 Julie and Carolyn escape Dognapped
12-27-17 Aaron and Marla beat cold weather in Dognapped room
12-27-17Graves County Ladies Eagles - Swindled Escape Room
12-26-17 Wade - Jewel Heist
12-26-17 Dotty and Family Escape Dognapped
12-25-17 Andrew and Megan
12-25-17 Patty and Family after Dognapped
12-13-17 Jennifer plays Dognapped
12-17-17 Gregory and his kids play Dognapped
12-19-17 Kyle Birthday-Jewel Heist
12-19-17 Three Families play Jewel Heist
12-06-17 Tiffany - Jewel Heist
11-24-17 Luke and friends - Jewel Heist
11-21-17 Echo Fine Properties - Dognapped
11-19-17 Nancy-Birthday at Dognapped
11-2-17 Line and Shaun - Dognapped
10-27-17 Kayla at Dognapped
10-27-17 Elise at Jewel Heist
10-25 Elizabeth and Logan
10-23 Christine
9-30 Elisha's party for her brother
9-29 Marisa's birthday
9-29 Mark's Jewel Heist birthday
9-29 Jennifer and Wayne date night
9-25 Shannon and the gang
9-24 Todd and Carolyn
10-12 Brittani & Stephen got the dog
9-24 Christine loved it
9-24 Jasmyn's birthday at Jewel Heist
9-24 Sarah, Sienna and Giovanni
9-23 Michael and Joe
9-21 Savannah, friends, & no school
9-12 Sara and company (Dognapped)
Jen & Friends 9-24
9-4 Danielle escapes
Rachael 8-27-17
James 8-27-17
8-26-17 Michael & Kim bring friends
8-25-17 Mya, Zoey and friends
8-25-17  Double Date at escape room
7-22 Kristina celebrates her birthday with an escape
7-21-17 Jules and friends solve Jewel Heist
8-19-17 Mike, Tiesha, Amanda, and Frankie
8-18-17 Brigitte and Micah escape
8-13-17 Swindled with Jessie and friends
8-12-17 Dognapped escape room (
8-8-17 Jewel Heist escape room
Scott 7-15-17 Dognapped escape room
Jessica 7-11-17 Dognapped escape room
Bruner family- Jewel Heist
7-4-17 Jewl Heist escape room
Revolution Dating 6-30-17 group 3
Revolution Dating 6-30-17 b
Revolution Dating 6-30-17 Jewl Heisa
Fernandez Family 6-25-17 Jewel Heist escape room
Allison 6-25-17 Jewel Heist escape room
Dan 6-22-17 Swindled Escape Room
6-22-17 Swindled Escape Room
Dognapped escape room 6-14-17b
Dognapped escape room 6-14-17
Jewel Heist Escape Room 6-14-17
Dognapped Escape Room 5-30-17
Swindled Escape Room 6-8-17
Jewel Heist Escape Room 6-7-17
Jewel Heist Escape Room 6-6-17
Dognapped Escape Room 5-23-17
Jewel Heist Escape Room 5-19-17
Dognapped Escape Room 5-16--17, #2
Dognapped Escape Room 5-16-17
Jewel Heist Escape Room 5-14-17
Dognapped Escape Room 5-6-17, #2
Dognapped Escape Room 5-6-17
Swindled Escape Room 5-6-17
5-6-17 Swindled Escape Room
5-6-17 Dognapped Escape Room
4-30-17 Jewel Heist Escape Room
4-19-17 Dognapped Escape Room
4-16-17 Dognapped Escape Room
4-8-17 Dognapped Escape Room
4-3-17 Jewel Heist Escape Room
3-26-17 Jewel Heist Escape Room
3-24-17  Jewel Heist Room
3-21-17 Jewel Heist
3-24-17 Jewel Heist Birthday Party
3-25-17 Swindled Escape Room
3-26-17 Jewel Heist
Jewel Heist Escape Room 3-19-17
Swindled Escape Room 3-19-17
Dognapped and Swindled Escape 3-5-17
Dognapped escape room 3-4-17
Swindled Escape Room 3-4-17
Dognapped Escape Room 3-4-17
Dognapped escape room 2-18-17 (2)
Dognapped escape room 2-19-17
Dognapped escape room
Dognapped escape room 9-18-16.
Swindled escape room 11-26-16.
Swindled escape room 12-28-16.
Dognapped escape room 1-1-17
Swindled escape room 1-1-17.
Swindled escape room 2-4-17.
Dgnapped escape room 1/29/16
Dognapped escape room 1-27-17.
Swindled escape room 1-22-171-26
Swindled escape room 1-26-17.
Dognapped escape room 12-11-16.
Dognapped escape room 10-20-16.
Dognapped escape room 11-26-16.
Dognapped escape room 11-26-16.
Swindled escape room 11-21-16.
Dognapped escape room 11-12-16.
Swindled escape room 11-13-16.
Swindled escape room 11-13-16.
Dognapped escape room 11-10-16.
Dognapped escape room November.
Dognapped escape room 10-19-16.
Dognapped escape room October 2016.
Dognapped September 2016.
Dognapped escape room September.
Dognapped escape room September.
Dognapped escape room September.
Dognapped escape room
Dognapped escape room
Dognapped escape room
Dgonapped escape room Fall 2016.
Dognapped escape room - 1st tester
"I just want to say how much my family and I enjoyed the Extraordinary Escape Rooms. The whole experience was a blast. The kids absolutely loved it, and so did my wife and myself. Since this was my first time doing an escape room, I will offer my take on it. First of all, it's one thing to hear about how it works, but quite another to actually experience it. There is a definite excitement about it. When our 60 minute session actually began, I had this feeling of, "what are we supposed to do now?" Our task seemed a bit impossible to me. I've never felt like a Sherlock Holmes, and I was a bit frozen about how to begin. But my wife and the kids just got busy looking for clues. And pretty soon, we started piecing a few things together. EVERYONE was included, because everyone was able to look for hidden items and think about what the meaning of them was. If I were to choose only one aspect of the experience I loved most, it was the family bonding. It is a delight to have a family project that everyone can be a part of, and that challenges us all equally. Our room/adventure was called "Dognapped", and it was extremely clever. It was also light and humorous. I won't tell you more, because I hope you will take your own family to enjoy the experience. Thank you Niki, and everyone at the Extraordinary Escape Rooms. :)"
Barry John Abraham
"We had a great time here. Challenging and fun! The owner is wonderful. Highly recommend."
Patty Hiscock
We just loved Niki!!! A group of us from work decided earlier in the week we wanted to do an escape room. Long story short, after a disappointing experience at a different location earlier in the night, we found Extraordinary Escape Rooms online. We called at 8:15 tonight asking if there were any rooms available, explained we were not thrilled with the room we had just done, and that we were 2 miles away hoping to get in immediately (we assumed it was unlikely). Niki explained that she was actually at home after a long day at her full time job, but was more than happy to come in so she could hopefully turn our night around. Who does that?! From the first interaction on the phone until moment we left, Niki conducted herself beyond professionally. At no point did we feel like we were an inconvenience to her, even if we did pull her out of the comfort of her home late on a Wednesday evening. She was warm, welcoming, and SO MUCH FUN!!! We have high expectations when it comes to customer service and Niki went above and beyond. We would have been happy with the experience even if the room was just mediocre, but icing on top of the cake, the room was great too!!! The puzzles were creative and well thought out - requiring a good amount of critical thinking and teamwork. We hit the escape room jackpot with this location!! We will definitely be back!!!"
Jennifer Hamilton
"This place was so much fun! Very clever and funny puzzles:) The owner was awesome, she made things extra fun and gave hints that didn't make things too easy but put us on the right path. We finished with 6 minutes to spare, woohoo! Definitely going to come back and do another room!"
Lisa Gammon
"Neat and well maintained rooms, very entertaining ideas for the 'escape'."
Margarita Voell
This was my first time doing an Escape Room and it was awesome! I did the Swindled room with 6 other people. It was a lot of fun and the puzzles were pretty challenging but we did manage to finish it in under an hour. They have 2 other rooms which look really fun as well! The owner, Nikki, is really great and has a true passion for this."
Steve Chris Rivera

I would definitely recommend checking out Extraordinary Escape Rooms!
"It was so much fun!!! From the start to end. It’s challenging! Great group activity!!"

Kimiko Dequchi


"It was my first Escape Room and we laughed and had to think out of the box. Great with friends, family or for team building. Can’t wait to do another room🙆"

Penny Schwam-Burke

"I would have never thought this was going to be so much fun. I'm definitely doing this again in the near future. Thanks for the awesome day."

Brian Smalley

"My friends and I came to do the dognapped room and we LOVED it!!! The entire experience, from booking to playing the game, was great!! We can't wait to come back and try the Jewel Heist!! I would recommend this place to everyone that loves escape rooms."


"What a great way to celebrate a birthday.... brilliant clues, great setting, clever, fun and Niki is the best! Eight of us came together to solve the jewel heist.... very special time. Highly recommend it!"

Kim (Boynton Beach, FL)

"We had an awesome time! I went to this escape room with 3 of my friends and we had a blast. The clues were clever, the room/theme wasn't scary at all, and Niki, the owner, adds fun to the game by playing a character. This would be great for a date, friends, team building. Check it out!"



"Our family had a blast at Extraordinary Escape Rooms in celebration of my nephews 13th birthday! Picky Nicky was a delightful host! It's not often our family gets the opportunity to get locked into one room together but when it happens especially at a place like this it's certain to be an amazing time. All ages enjoyed this adventure from 8 to 65! The Jewel Heist was super fun and an amazing adventure!!! We'll definitely be back to visit the other theme rooms!"

Dana W. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)


"My friends and I LOVED this escape room. The owner is extremely friendly and really goes above and beyond to make her customer's experience the best possible. She really makes the story line fun by dressing up and getting into every detail of the story. I can't wait to come back and do the next 2 rooms. The room we did was challenging and extremely clever. Definitely one of the best escape rooms we have ever done!'"

Andrea A. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)


"This is the place! EXTRAORDINARY ESCAPE ROOMS--Best escape rooms anywhere--nine of us had the experience of a lifetime today 7/9/17. The woman who runs it (Niki) is Miss Personality. She's a sensitive caring person who explains every step before you begin your adventure. If you've never experienced the escape room experience--google it to find out more--some places are better than others, but in South Florida this one is the best."

The Bruner Family


"Our party of 8 had such a fun time! Niki is such a great hostess and makes the experience so much fun! I would highly recommend checking out these rooms!!"

Kristen Sixberry


"Thank you, Niki, for giving my coworkers and I such a great experience with escape rooms as this was a 1st for all of us. We had so much fun and it was a great team building activity! We will definitely be back!"


Victoria's Secret Store

"Our team of four had a great time with this escape room. This was our first escape experience and we can't wait for the next. Our group consisted of  two adults and two kids, ages 10 and 11. I went in expecting that the kids would have a difficult time and the moms would be the "solvers." To my surprise, the room was not only challenging but the different types of clues provided something for everyone. The kids were an integral part of the problem solving. They "saw" things that we couldn't and vice versa. We finished with less than 5 minutes to spare. The owner did an amazing job from the setup / training, to the creation of the room, to guiding us when we needed hints. I'm looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for an extraordinary experience!"

Christi Suttman

Palm Beach Gardens, FL



"This was one of my favorite escape rooms! I've done many rooms before and I had a blast trying to figure out all the clues in the swindled room! The service was impeccable and I was really pleased with how the clues were incorporated. Thanks so much for having us tonight! Will come back for the Jewel Heist room!"

Chelsey Shipley


"This was so much fun!!! We did two rooms. The first was the Dognapped room, it was a very exciting. The clues were great and it really had us thinking. The second room we did was Swindled. It was a bigger room with a lot more clues to find. A bit more of a challenge but it was no problem because we had more players with us. I would highly recommend going. They just had a new room open up. I will review that one too after we get a chance to do it. All in all a wonderful time, and something to talk about for weeks after. You will have a blast."

Jessica Brent


"This was my first escape room, but I can't imagine any being any better than this! I did the [Dognapped} room which was awesome! I'm definitely sold on trying the two other rooms!!! Thank you so much!!!"

Clinton Cimring 


We had a wonderful time!! Your hospitality and your fun made our time there so enjoyable :) Thank you again!! We will return!

Corrie Thwaites


"We went here on my birthday and it was great fun. I was afraid it would be too juvenile for my friends but in fact it was very challenging and clever. We all agreed that the "Dognapped" room was so much fun that we will return for the Jewel Heist and Swindled rooms. BTW we had champagne when we finished so be sure to ask if you can BYOB for a celebration afterwards. You will have earned it!!"
JB Dixson (Riviera Beach, Florida)


"A fun ,challenging group activity. Bring your "A" game as well as friends or co-workers for a team building /bonding experience. If you are looking to escape the usual evening out I highly recommend Extraordinary Escape Rooms! Be prepared to laugh and work together as you solve the mystery."
Stacey Boral (New York, NY)


"We had so much fun and lots of laughs. See you next week to escape with Marilyn."

Sherrie Wolf (Jupiter, FL)


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