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Extraordinary Escape Rooms: What's So Extraordinary?

We think it's Niki. She's the brains behind Extraordinary Escape Rooms. We'll let her tell her story. H e r e' s Niki!

I'm a true Floridian, transplanted from Michigan nearly 40 years ago. I love it here. I've worked in the hotel, restaurant, and cruise ship industry, and have been extremely active in animal rescue and adoption throughout it all. I'm a cock-eyed optimist, framing problems and setbacks as "opportunities." I' have never met a problem I didn't think I could solve. Escape rooms are right up my alley.

So why not open my own escape room?! I'm a huge people person and love working with the public. Creativity is my middle name. I'm also a ham, as you'll see when I change personas from the mild-mannered escape room proprietor to frantic dog-handler, sneaky executive secretary, or clueless museum employee — depending on which escape room you pick.

Niki as the dog handler in Nognapped escape room.
Niki as Burney Madeoff's floozy in the Swindled escape room.
Niki as the clueless museum employee in the Jewel Heist escape room.

I want you to have a terrific time at Extraordinary Escape Rooms and really work your brain. If you laugh at my jokes or appreciate the oddball clues I've left around the rooms, that's a bonus.


Niki Creativity Gottesman

(Not really. In the interest of fair play and truthfulness, my middle name is actually Lee. And don't worry about trying to pronounce my last name. Just call me Niki G.)

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